Art and Designing

8 Must See Contemporary Art Galleries in Dubai

Most people think of contemporary art as a combination of lines and geometrical figures that don’t seem to make sense. But it takes a special kind of creativity to appreciate contemporary art. Contemporary art is amazing and it has a lot of meanings. If you happen to be in Dubai and you love art, you’ll appreciate Dubai so much more.…

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Business Services

Types of business services

Business services are services that business enterprises use to manage their activities. They include but are not limited to banking, communication, insurance, transportation, and warehousing services. There is tough competition in the business world today. Mediocrity and incompetence can no longer be tolerated and so businesses have drifted towards sticking to what they do best and depending on other equally…

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Health and Medical

Vitamin D deficiency: Silent but deadly

Known in some spheres as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, vitamin D serves various important functions in the body including: promoting the absorption of calcium, reducing inflammation, promoting bone and cell growth and maintaining normal phosphate and calcium levels. It can be obtained from various foods or supplements. Exposure to the sun stimulates its production in the skin. Vitamin D deficiencies can…

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