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Tips on financing your plastic surgery

Plastic surgery was once considered as an issue that only the rich and famous could afford. Common people could only dream of having a plastic surgery and he never had an idea about affording such heavy expenses. Most of our life’s costlier affairs like buying a new car, building a home, getting married, sending a kid to college, signing a lease or getting a mortgage had some set or prescribed financing options. How about financing for plastic surgery? In 2010, as many as 13.1 million Americans underwent a cosmetic procedure and this was a 5% increase over previous year’s figure. A report says that an amount in excess of $10.7 billion was spent on these procedures. A breakdown of these figures is even more interesting. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that breast augmentation procedures costs were up to $4000, facelifts over $6250, nose jobs up to $4300 and these figures exclude the amount spent on anesthesia, surgical facilities and other costs incurred on payment of final bills.

Kevin Kautzmann, a New York City based certified finance planner opines that insurance does not naturally come in as credible help while someone undergoes plastic surgery. Consumers should be well aware that cosmetic surgery does not come under the purview of insurance and hence all expenses must have to be paid out of one’s own pocket. However, costs for rare cases like reconstructive surgeries like abdominoplasty in Dubai following acute illness or a severe accident are covered under insurance. For all other cases of cosmetic surgeries you have to sort out your own payment options. We are lucky that there are options for financing for plastic surgery and one’s dream of undergoing a plastic surgery can come true!

Plastic surgery being an expensive affair needs some financial assistance. This help becomes more even more evident particularly when your procedure of cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance. One may feel difficulty in making monthly payments over a period of long time for undergoing this surgery, financing for plastic surgery will definitely help you feel that plastic surgery is within one’s reach! Financing for plastic surgery is available for various procedures like dental surgery, liposuction, breast augmentation, etc. Many finance companies provide one with medical financing and also offer a wide array of re-payment options as well. Patients can select the procedure they are intended to undergo and the company will grant them financial help depending on their credit history and such other features. Most of the clinics that perform plastic surgery operations have close knit plans with medical finance companies and they together can help you in choosing a realistic re-payment plan. Visit website for further details.