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Foods and Produce That Can Help Heal Bone Fracture Faster

Suffering from a bone fracture can be excruciating. Aside from the pain the patients are feeling, they would probably need to spend weeks and months to recover with the help of treatment from the best orthopaedic in Dubai and therapy. This can immensely derail their routines and lower their morale.

But, there are bone-healing foods and produce that can aid the patient’s recovery. If you or you know someone suffering from a bone fracture, you might want to recommend this group of food:

  • Spinach

Spinach is not just some veggies you include in your salad dishes. In fact, spinach is essential to keeping your bones healthy and study. It is the one of the primary sources of calcium and zinc, two minerals that are essential to bone regeneration and healing. Even pregnant moms are recommended to eat spinach to help maintain their calcium level all throughout their pregnancy.


  • Kale

Patients who are suffering from low bone density levels are recommended to increase their kale intake. Why? This produce has high calcium content that is essential for building bones. Every day intake of kale can help increase the body’s calcium level and help with fractured bone healing. Other sources of calcium are salmon, sea vegetables and sardines.


  • Green bell peppers

Calcium is not the only minerals needed to aid in healing bone fracture. Vitamin C is also crucial in helping the bones heal faster after suffering a fracture. Vitamin C aids in production of collagen, which helps maintain the health of skin and muscles surrounding the bones. This can help speed up the healing process. High amount of Vitamin C can be found in green bell peppers and other produce like strawberries and tomatoes. Orange and other citrus food are also a good source of Vitamin C.


  • Broccoli

To help the fractured bone heal faster, the fusion process must also speed up. And it can only happen if the body’s bone mineralization processing is at its best. To aid this process, adding a cup of broccoli in your diet will help. Broccoli contains Vitamin K1 which helps speed up the bone mineralization and creating bone mass.

  • Yogurt

Having enough supply of calcium in the body is useless if your bone and body will not absorb it properly. For proper calcium absorption, the body needs lysine and glutamine. These amino acids can be found in yogurt. Moreover, yogurt also contains calcium, essential for bone regeneration.

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