Why Having A Uni Checklist Is A Must For Students

Moving to a dorm room is a big step towards independence. From there on, you will be on your own, making decisions, making mistakes, and have a taste of an independent life.

But before you savor your upcoming independence, you need to be responsible and start your uni life on the right foot and it starts by making a list. Yes, you read it right. A uni checklist is an important part of the move. And if you are not convinced on creating one, these reasons might enlighten you:


  • So you will not miss anything

The main reason why you need to have a uni checklist is to avoid missing anything that you need to bring when you move to your dorm room. Imagine going through your stuff upon you arrived and you forgot your toiletries at home. It would be a nightmare. If you have a list, you can be sure that you have everything you need when you move to the university. No instances wherein you need to call your mom to send you some stuff. That would be embarrassing.


  • So you can identify what’s to buy and what to bring

Some people have a habit of bringing things they don’t need. The result? Clutter and little space for you to move. Remember that your dorm room is not your home, and you will be given limited space especially if you have to share it with someone. Having a list can limit you and prevent you from towing your whole closet or your toy collection with you.

It can also be a way for you to know what necessities you need to buy. You don’t have to buy everything. There is some stuff at home that you can bring. This can save you a few pennies you can use for other things.


  • This serves as your reference when you unpacked

If packing sounds tedious, then wait for the unpacking. Once you get to your assigned room, you need to re-arrange your stuff accordingly. Without a list, it could get a little messy. Your uni checklist would help you sort out the things that you brought and arrange them accordingly. It would be best if you can create a methodical list where in the stuff is list based on which box you put them.


  • So you can take into account your essentials in case you need to move again

There are instances when you have to move again or you will get re-assigned to a different room. Save your checklist in case this happens. With a checklist, you will know the stuff that belongs to you and save yourself from accidentally stealing someone else’s things. It would be best if you can update your list once you get new stuff.


  • It will teach you how to be independent

Believe it or not, creating a checklist is a start of being independent. This would mean that you can be organized and meticulous with the things you owned.


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