Tips On Picking The Right Hair Extensions

Hair extensions and wigs in Dubai are great alternatives to add a couple of inches and volume to your hair and also hide your hair loss issues. But since you will be wearing these hair ornaments on a regular basis, you need to ensure that you will be picking the right one.

If you are currently looking for hair extensions to level up your hair styling, here are some important pointers that you need to follow:

  • Know your purpose


There are two reasons why people buy hair extensions: it is either to add length to their main or enhance the volume of their locks. When you are deciding where to buy hair extensions in Dubai, you also need to decide what your purpose for buying hair extension is. If adding length is your main purpose, then the criteria you should set is the dimension. Be sure to select hair extension that will give the illusion of length. If volume is what you want, then the thickness of the artificial mane should be your main focus.

  • Do the shedding test


One of the problems most hair extension buyers encounter is the shedding. Most of the buyers are not aware of this problem and only discover it once they purchased the product. Be sure to do a shedding test before you buy your extension. Run your fingers on the strands and check with there are strands of hair left on your finger. High quality hair extension should shed less when your fingers glide through the strands.


  • Keep tabs on the wefts and the clips


The weft or also known as the weft of the hair, is a long piece of hair extension sewn together. When the weft is placed together artfully, it can create locks of hair. When buying hair extensions and wigs, be sure that the weft is tight and fully sewn. As for the clippings, they should clip tightly to your hair without causing damage.


  • Check the thickness


Low quality hair extensions and wigs have uneven thickness, making it hard to put on and style. Be sure that the thickness of the strands is the same from top to bottom. One way to check it is to hold the extensions and check for gaps in between the hair.


  • Do not settle for cheap offers


High-quality extensions can be expensive, but they are worth every penny. Do not settle for low-cost wigs and hair extensions. This kind of hair ornament is not durable and may also look unnatural.