Pros and cons of Car Window Tinting to Help you make an Informed Choice

If you are confused about whether car window tinting is your thing, it wouldn’t hurt to weight out its pros and cons to make an informed decision before jumping on the bandwagon to glean the best car tinting deals in Dubai.

The pros of window tinting:

  • Increased Protection From UV rays

Human skin exposed to extensive UV-rays is prone to a host of myriad health conditions, such as skin cancer, pre mature aging, and sun-burn. A high-quality window tint provides an added layer of protection against the sun. The amount of UV rays blocked by the window tint depends on the darkness of the tint.

  • Cooler and Comfortable Interiors

This is one of the best advantages of getting a car window tint, and one that most car-owners are acquainted with. By blocking the UV-rays, window tinting makes sure that the interior of your car stays cool, especially if you reside in an area where the sun beats down relentlessly. Here again, the degree of the tint has a bearing on the amount of temperature savings.

  • Deters Thieves

Window tinting provides greater privacy by making it almost impossible for prying eyes to catch a glimpse of what is inside your car. This dissuades thieves who are on the lookout for belongings lying around unguarded on empty car seats.

  • Protects the Interior

Prolonged exposure to sunlight wreaks havoc on the carpeting and the leather upholstery of your car. By alleviating the amount of sunlight that your car receives, window tints extend the life of your car interior. See more benefits of car window tinting.

The cons of window tinting

  • Too much tint 

When it comes to the degree of tint, you should always stay within the legal limits set by your local law enforcement agencies. You might find yourself inadvertently on the wrong end of the law if your car window tint is too dark, securing a state inspection for your car.

  • Greater attention from police 

Law enforcement officials feel comfortable when they are allowed to peer into your car to guarantee the safety of public. You might get pulled over a lot on grounds of suspicion.

  • Reduced visibility

Even though window tinting doesn’t hinder your vision from the inside, it does result in a lower visibility. While this isn’t a big deal for most people, it could pose a problem for others, especially in a covered tunnel or in the dark.

  • Peels over time

No matter how high-grade quality of material is employed for the task, window tinting starts to peel off after a while. When it does, your car windows will appear unkempt and unsightly and you will need to apply for a re-tint.