Proper Ways To Apply Car Paint Protection Film

As a car owner, you shouldn’t worry if for some reason your car’s paint has suffered peeling or cracks. There are many ways to not only protect it, but to give it a completely new paint. The problem is that having your car completely repainted means you’ll have to sacrifice its original paint. Not any more, now with sophisticated paint protection methods like car paint films around, your car will retain its original paint. Here is more on how paint protection film in Dubai works wonders for your car’s paint:

Caution Before Applying The Film

Make sure your car is cool and the engine turned off before the film is applied. Applying the film on hot hood and engine means hot hood, and it can lead to drying the film spray much earlier. Also, note if the weather is cool, you should start applying the film.

Spread The Sheet

Prepare the vehicle for the process. Take a poly sheet and apply it over the entire car. Once the sheet is completely spread, start applying the paint. Start it from the grill first. Use a scissor to cut the sheet where required. Cut the sheet all the way to the center of the sheet and stop at around 20 inches. Afterwards, start cutting the sheet from both left and right fenders, your sheet is now in a “T” shape. Tape the flaps turning them towards the engine side and make sure they don’t move while you paint. Use tape to keep the sheet in one place. The purpose is to keep it from blowing around as it might spread the wet paint on the floor and walls.

Start Painting

Once you’ve ensured that the sheet has covered the entire vehicle properly, start applying the paint. Start applying from where the tapeline is and take it all the way down to the bottom of the hood. Keep spraying and repeat the coat if you see any gaps between the painted area. Ideally, you should apply one layer and then another layer after a few seconds. Make sure you apply the third coat in a sideway pattern to completely cover that area. Do the same until the whole vehicle is covered.

You need to keep the film on the vehicle for a few months. The purpose is to allow it to keep the paint and one place. It will also protect the paint while it is there. Try this car dent removal dubai on your vehicle today.