Key Tips On Selecting The Best Memory Foam Mattress For You

Selecting the best memory foam mattress is essential on having a good night’s sleep. You need to be decisive on choosing so you can get the right one for your bed.

If you are currently on the look for a new memory foam mattress, then this guide might be able to help you.


  1. Determine what type of memory foam mattress you want

There are two types of memory foam – regular and natural. Natural memory foam, like its namesake, is based on natural chemicals combined to create a latex foam mattress that promotes comfort.  On the other hand, regular memory foam is made from synthetic and petroleum-based components that emulates the characteristics of a natural memory foam. If you are living in cooler space, the synthetic one is ideal for you. But for those who are located on humid and tropical countries, the man-made memory foam mattress might not be the one for you. Opt for the natural one.


  1. Inquire about foam density

The density of the bed will determine the level of firmness. This usually comes in 2-5 lb density. When deciding the density level, take into consideration your sleeping position. If you are a side-sleeper, a memory foam mattress that has less density would be the ideal choice. But if you usually sleep on your back or on your stomach, then a memory foam with high level of density would be better.


  1. Determine thickness for utmost support

Once you determine the level of density, you need identify next the thickness. The usual thickness offered by most mattress stores can go to a 6 inches on top. But for lower density memory foam, it would be best to get a thicker one to provide firmness that you need. Ask the store merchandiser on the thickness and density.


  1. Do not forget the hypoallergenic qualities

Memory foams are known for their allergen-resistant quality, but there are memory foams that are better than the rest when keeping dust mites to a minimum like gel memory foam and latex foam mattress. Remember that your mattress will be paired with other toppers, so be sure to get one that is hypoallergenic and good at preventing dust mites.


  1. Do not forget the mattress topper and other bed essentials

Although the memory foam alone can be a good support for your body, adding a topper would be an additional cushioning to your bed. It can also prevent the memory foam from deteriorating before its time since it provide additional support.