Beach Wedding Planning Essentials You Need To Know

The beach is definitely one of the locations that most couples would like to get married in. The breathtaking view of the sea and sound of the waves is the perfect setting to tie the knot.

But planning a beach wedding is not easy feat. To ease the planning stress, just know these essentials given by beach wedding Dubai experts


  1. Location

Okay, so already know the basic requirements: the beach. But you will not just go and find a spot on sandy waters and get married. You need to find a beach that is accessible for your guest and also be a perfect location for your dream beach wedding. Make a list of your location requirements. Do you need a dock or you would like to tie the knot on the sand? Is the sunset an essential part of the ceremony? Show your list to your wedding planner so he can give you options for your wedding location.


  1. Weather

Getting married on the beach during a rainy season is unheard of. Be sure to set the date of your beach wedding on seasons that there will be less rains. The mid-afternoon beach wedding during summer is the perfect time. The weather is usually rainless and you will have the beautiful view of the beach sunset as your background.


  1. Wedding couture

When deciding what to wear on a beach wedding be sure to consider comfort along with style. Most bridal couturier suggest brides to wear a light material wedding gown so it would be easy to move around the soft sand and for the bride to fell cool on a sunny location, as opposed to heavily-designed gowns that can hard to wear given the location. It is best to opt for a laid-back style for you, your groom, and your guests. For the footwear, you can opt for heals but a flat footwear would be an ideal choice for the location.


  1. Flowers

Of course, there should be flowers. Some brides think that since it is a beach wedding, they can just use minimal flower design arrangement to spruce up the place. It is not a bad idea, but if you want to go all out with the flowers, then go for it! Consult with your wedding planner and discuss your vision about the flowers and contact the best flowers delivery Dubai florist to design and execute the flower arrangement you have in mind.


  1. Reception

Well, no wedding is complete without reception and food. Decide whether you are going to have the reception in the open area or you will set up a tent. Just keep in mind your guests and attendees. They should feel comfortable on your venue so they can enjoy the occasion as much as you do.