5 Alternative Treatments That You Should Consider

Alternative medicine is often being frowned upon by many due to the negative connotations that are attached to it. But in reality, these course of treatments can provide a number of positive effects to patients.


If you are looking for complementary treatments to help cure your illness or looking for ways to prevent acquiring one, here are some alternative treatments you might consider:


  1. Physiotherapy


Also known as physical therapy, this kind of treatment used mechanical force and movement to heal body injuries and improve one’s mobility and body movements. This kind of treatment is being recommended to patients suffering chronic back pain, incur injuries caused by accidents, and injured athletes. Many physician recommend their patients to undergo physiotherapy in Dubai to help improve their dexterity and agility.


  1. Homeopathy


Homeopathy is a course of treatment that focuses on finding treatment from substances that might induce symptoms, but diluted or watered down. Based on the concept of “like cures like”, homeopathy in Dubai is all-natural and aims to stimulate one’s healing ability. The approach used by homeopaths are based on the patients’ unique symptoms and personal level of health. This treatment is widely popular in UK and a number known personalities are using this kind of treatment to cure their illnesses.


  1. Acupuncture


Acupuncture is probably the oldest alternative treatment known to mankind. It is believed that this medical practice started in China and being practiced for thousands of years. According to practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, the main cause of illnesses in the body is the = imbalance of the energy flow in one’s body. What acupuncture do is to correct the imbalance and remove the “blockage” by inserting needles on pressure points.


  1. Hypnotherapy


Some people considered hypnotherapy as a sham because of the negative portrayal of media. But this alternative treatment is considered as a complementary treatment to help people heal in a more subconscious level. The way this treatment works is, hypnotism is used to bypass the rational part of the mind and opens one’s mind to suggestion so they can change their behavior towards healing. More often, this treatment is used to break bad habits and vices.


  1. Osteopathy


Osteopathy is somewhat similar to physiotherapy, but the difference is, this focuses on strengthening the muscles, joints, connective tissues, and the spine. This treatment is known to heal arthritis and back and neck pain. It also known to help cure insomnia and depression.