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Tell-tale Signs That You Need to Replace Your Recruitment Partner

Recruitment is not an easy job. Human resource personnel spend the majority of the time wracking their heads on where to scout for the right candidate. Good thing, they can employ a UAE national recruitment agency to help them on this department.

However, there are times that these outsourced agencies proved to be the wrong choice for HR managers and it may be for the best if you can find a new one. Check out these signs to see if it is high time to look for a new recruitment partner.

  • Continuously giving bad hires

Bad apples sometimes passed through, even the most rigid selection process. But this should happen not more than twice. Having an unqualified employee for the position can cause a lot of setback to the company. For one, they can cause delays to services and a total waste of time. Remember that the company is spending time and resources to an employee, if they did not perform well on a given time. So this should not happen very often. If the recruitment agency is continuously giving you unqualified candidates, it is high time to ditch them.


  • Giving fewer candidates for selection

Managers are always looking for options when it comes to recruitment. More qualified candidates the better. Remember that managers would not settle for less, and so should you. If your recruitment partner is giving you fewer options when it comes to candidates, it would mean that they are losing their steam, especially when it comes to scouting. It would be best to find a new partner if this happens often.


  • Not providing candidates on time

HR personnel are working on a timeline and if the timeline is not followed, it could cause a negative impact and domino effect to the company. There could be delays in service and workload will be handled by other employees who also have their own task to mind. It is important that the recruitment firm can provide qualified candidates on the time that was agreed. If not, they may not be the best firm for you.


  • Cannot fulfill your new recruitment needs

Every company has specific recruitment needs and it changes from time to time. Your recruitment firm must be able to adapt to your changing needs.  Say, your contract specified for temporary retail staffing, but you are looking for a permanent hire. They should be able to accommodate your request; especially of this is part of their services. If not, it is time to switch partners.