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5 Questions You Need to Answer When Planning Your Offsite Meeting

Nowadays, more and more managers are seeing the good side of meeting outside their offices. They found that offsite meetings help their team members to focus on the subject at hand and be more productive on contributing to the meeting.


But setting the meeting outside your office is more than just booking conference and meeting rooms. It needs to be planned thoroughly so you meeting outside would not be futile.


  1. What would be the objective of the meeting?


Before you make any move on booking or start inviting people, you need to know what would be the objective of the offsite meeting. A definite purpose and objective would help the attendees to make informed decisions and contribute quality ideas since they know what the meeting if for. Make the objectives clear and straightforward.


  1. Who are the key people who will attend the meeting?


Once the objective is set, you need to identify people who will be included in the meeting. List down these key personnel and what would be their roles. Giving them specific roles for the meeting would ensure their participation during the meeting. After the list and roles are done, you can start contacting these people to know if their availability. Based on their schedules, set an agreed date and make sure that confirm their attendance to you the day before the meeting.


  1. Would you be needing a schedule breakdown?


Yes, a schedule breakdown is needed to serve as a guide to people. Without a proper meeting schedule, there is a high chance that the meeting will fail and nothing will be accomplished. Topics and activities will overlapped which just cause confusion amongst the attendees. A week before the meeting, create a meeting schedule. Breakdown the activities to phases and be sure to include some ice breakers for the attendees to relax their minds, even for a while. Send the schedule to key personnel for their reference.


  1. Would you be needing any equipment?


A week before the meeting, you need to identify what equipment you need for the meeting. Would you be needing a laptop? An audio visual presentation equipment? Internet connection? Conference rooms in Dubai can provide you some equipment you need for your offsite meeting. But still, you need to know so you can bring whatever it is that the conference room leasing officer cannot provide. Procure the equipment you need to bring two days before the meeting. read more