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Why You Need To Be Six Sigma Certified

A lot of employees today, particularly working in operations, do not adopt the changes in the industry. This is why company managers and business owners are encouraged to have their employee be trained and certified in some fields of expertise, particularly Six Sigma.

Getting a Lean Six Sigma certification in Abu Dhabi is just for the show. In fact, employees can benefit from knowing the methodologies of Six Sigma and would definitely help in furthering the company’s objectives. Here are more reasons why you need to be Six Sigma certified:

  • Lessen or eliminate errors in the process

Process errors and pitfalls are costing companies millions. It might not be apparent on the onset, but if this practice went on, it can lead to financial instability of a business. Employees who acquired Six Sigma certification are trained to identify gaps and system errors. And once these errors are identified, it would be easier for business owners and company managers to create an action plan to correct these process errors.

  • Improve service quality

Quality service and output is what companies and businesses try to provide to their clients. But most of the time, it is hard to produce a quality output if there are glitches in the system. There will be inconsistencies and discrepancies in outputs all the time. A Six Sigma certified employee will be able to have a clear understanding of a business operating procedure and pinpoint areas that should be updated to ensure quality and consistency in your business output, may it be a product or service-oriented offer.

  • Be an agent of change

Traditional companies find it hard to adapt to the changing times since they do not know where to start and they don’t have the person that would initiate and facilitate the change. Having a Six Sigma certified employee would enable you to start the process update as soon as possible.

  • Comply with the industry standards

Some governing agencies require companies and businesses to get certification to ensure that they are providing their clients quality service they deserve. Six Sigma certifications are recognized internationally. It will not only help your business comply to requirements, but it can also help with your branding.

  • Identify future leaders

Getting certified is one thing, but applying the methodologies is another story. By having your employees get Six Sigma certified, you are training future company leaders that would carry out the objectives of the company.

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