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8 Must See Contemporary Art Galleries in Dubai

Most people think of contemporary art as a combination of lines and geometrical figures that don’t seem to make sense. But it takes a special kind of creativity to appreciate contemporary art. Contemporary art is amazing and it has a lot of meanings. If you happen to be in Dubai and you love art, you’ll appreciate Dubai so much more. It is not just a place to spend a holiday, laying at the beach all day long or walking in the mall and shopping. Dubai has great contemporary art galleries that deserve your time and visit.


The gallery exhibits the works of local and international artists. The Tashkeel Gallery promotes the cultural and artistic exchange between artists around the globe. It is not just a place for artists to display their works, it also provides them with the necessary resources to unleash their creativity.

Cuadro Fine Art Gallery

Founded in 2008, this gallery seeks to exhibit fine works of art, educate artists, give them shelter and also guidance. The gallery has works by artists from different countries.

Hunar Gallery

Middle Eastern contemporary art is beautiful, and the Hunar Gallery wants to show it in the best way possible. The exhibitions held in this gallery are more than innovative and show the creative mind of Middle Eastern young artists.

Meem Gallery

In this gallery, you can find the works of Iraqi painter and sculptor Shakir Hassan Al Said and M’hamed Issiakhem, as well as enjoy the wonderful pieces by Iraqi-Canadian artist Mahmoud Obaidi. Some of the sections of the gallery are dedicated to photography, in case it interests you.

Grey Noise

This gallery with an extremely intriguing name has a lot to offer art lovers. However, it is mainly known for progressive artworks from all over the world.

The Third Line

Galleries don’t just intend to present works of artists, their aim is to raise the interest in art. The Third Line follows this mission and besides exhibitions, holds non-profit events that promote art.


Ayyam Gallery

Not a lot of artists have a place to create art, Ayyam Gallery is well aware of this and gives them studios to work in. So, besides enjoying the works of Dubai-based artists, you can also follow their working process.

Mojo Gallery

If you want to experience the mix of art, design, and media then Mojo Gallery is the place to visit. It opened its doors in 2006 and doesn’t lack visitors ever since.